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18 March 2016 (Last updated: 24 Jan 2020 17:26)

The 51st UKNG meeting has successfully taken place on 10th-11th June 2016 at the Hilton Deansgate hotel in Manchester.


Scietific programme

10/06/2016 (Fri) 9-12 am

Educational programme

A) “How I do it” sessions. Tips and tricks by experienced interventionalists

  • These will be 3 parallel sessions for 45 minutes with maximum 5 delegates per group.
  • Allocation will be on first come first served basis.
  • For senior trainees, recently appointed consultants and refreshers

Dr Anil Gholkar

Dr Allan Thomas

Dr Peter Flynn

Treatment of intracranial AVMS and Fistulas Management of complex aneurysms Intra-arterial treatment of stroke

B) Simulator hands on session – Carotid stenting and stroke treatment

  • Dr Andrew Clifton, Prof Phil White, Dr Norman McConachie and Dr Sanjeev Nayak
  • Maximum 25 delegates, 5 per station on first come first served basis

10/06/2016 (Fri) 12-2pm

Lunch break

10/06/2016 (Fri) 2-6 pm

  • Four sessions between Friday and Saturday with a short lecture at the start of each session.
  • All sessions will include paper presentations on representative cases from delegates.
  • Delegates are encouraged to share difficult cases, complications and cases to illustrate learning points.

Stroke session: (Moderator – Dr Rob Lenthal)

  1. Technique Arc-061 suction stentriever experience – Dr Sanjeev Nayak

Difficult aneurysms: (Moderator – Dr Toby Williams)

  1. Difficult aneurysm – Dr Tufail Patankar


  1. High resolution vessel wall imaging – Dr Rekha Siripurapu
  2. Eligibility of driving licence – Dr Anil Gholkar

10/06/2016 (Fri) after 6 pm

Business meeting 6-7 pm, followed by drinks 7-7:30 pm and dinner at Hilton, Deansgate 8 pm.


11/06/2016 (Sat) 9-12:30 pm

New devices: (Moderator – Dr Hannah Stockley)

  • New devices – Dr Saleh Lamin
  • Web audit – Dr Tufail Patankar
  • pCONus experience – Dr Tony Goddard


  1. Neonatoal and infant shunts – Dr Fergus Robertson