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Biannual Meeting

Leeds 27th Nov 2020

Committee Meeting                 11:00-12:30pm

Main UKNG Meeting                 2:00-5:15pm

UKNG Business Meeting           5:30-6:15pm


Please contact our secretary if you have not received the Zoom log in link.


1:30-1:50pm Testing and run-through 


2:00-3:30pm SESSION 1



Clinical Presentations: 15 min (12 talk +3 discussion, Q&A)


1.  Intracranial haemorrhage prognostication tool

Neeraj Chaudhary, Michigan


2.  Contrast-induced neurotoxicity

Waleed Butt, Norman McConachie, Nottingham


3.  Aortic and supra-aortic tortuosity: impact on time to device deployment in MT

Joao Alves Rosa, Bristol


4.  Transradial approach to INR: Audit

Wazim Izzath, Nottingham



David Fiorella: MMA Embolisation for subdural haematoma: current status and future studies


3:30-3:45pm Break


3:45-5:15pm SESSION 2



Clinical Presentation:

Robotics in stroke

William Crinnion, Thomas Booth, Kings



Greg Albers, Director Stanford Stroke Centre:  “New frontiers in Stroke Imaging”



Clinical Presentations

1.  Assessing lung apices for prognostication in Covid-associated stroke

Matthew Benger, Kings


2.  MT for stroke: are interventional radiologists interested?

Cha-Ney Kim, Hull


3.  National survey of neurosurgical trainees for MT in stroke

Rob Lenthall, Nottingham


5:30-6:15pm UKNG Business Meeting