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10 January 2022

Dear UKNG Colleagues & Friends

2021 was I’m sure for many of us a tough year with the initial enthusiasm to face & tackle COVID pandemic becoming rather a long hard slog with little appreciation or support let alone reward!

I look back though on UKNG in Brighton in June and Leeds in November meetings as major rays of sunshine & I know BSNR 2021 was likewise for those able to attend. It was refreshing to meet and communicate in person and a major thank you again to Panos, Marius, Tony and Tufail for making those meetings such a success. Despite the increasing proliferation and of webinars and other educational events which undoubtedly play a very valuable role, they do not fully replace meeting together for so many reasons. I am sure you would join with me in also expressing thanks to our industry friends and partners who have continued to support the UKNG in times that have also been very challenging for them.

We have collectively developed UKNG into a Group with increasing activities – this will be much enhanced by the three subcommittees approved in Brighton (Training Education & Research, Liaison & External Communications, Standards with approval in Leeds of Rob Lenthall, Hannah Stockley and Alex Mortimer as respective SC chairs). It has been most encouraging to receive so many volunteers to join these, especially form trainees and younger consultants – but I’m sure there is room for a few more if you want to help. I anticipate innovative ideas and activity coming out of all of these subcommittees.

Further down the line we hope to achieve charitable status, which should set us up well for the long term future of the UKNG. The necessary actions to achieve this are underway via the temporary Transitional Subcommittee chaired by Andy Clifton.

The Thrombectomy credential remains a difficult area and despite spending an enormous amount of time and energy on it we may end up in a position where we are forced to collectively disengage from something that is simply not fit for purpose by any published national or international guidance.

On behalf of the entire UKNG Executive Committee, may I wish every one of you a happy, healthy and fruitful New Year 2022.

Best Wishes


Phil & The UKNG Committee