Welcome from the Chair

Norman McConachie

In 25 years the UKNG has travelled a very long way geographically, scientifically, professionally and now electronically! In a bid to improve communication generally and to engage with our trainees and junior members in particular, we tasked our Junior Representative on the UKNG committee, Han Seng, to secure a domain name and set up a website. I am sure you will all agree he has done a wonderful job of designing and maintaining the website and he has also opened Facebook and Twitter accounts. All UKNG members are most welcome and strongly encouraged to use these media to keep in touch with what we are doing as a group and as a subspecialty in these rapidly changing times.

I am especially hopeful the private members forum will prove to be a valuable resource for obtaining advice from other members about difficult cases, and for sharing tips and complications. Do, please, provide feedback and propose any improvements we can make.

Dr Norman McConachie
UKNG Chair (2013-16)