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Unmask Survey

We are conducting a study to learn about stroke physicians' and interventionists' general perception, decision making and standard practice in the treatment of acute ischemic stroke.

We are aiming to have worldwide participation, including the United States (country PIs: Dr. Blaise Baxter, neurointervention; Dr. Alejandro Rabinstein, neurology), Europe (regional PIs: Drs. Urs Fischer and Francis Turjman), Japan (country PI: Prof. Shin-Ichi Yoshimura), South Korea (country PIs: Profs. Ji-Hoe Heo and Byung Moon Kim), India (country PIs: Drs. PN Sylaja and Mathew Cherian), and Australia/New Zealand (regional PI: Dr. Bruce Campbell). Other countries and regions may be added in the future. The study is being supported by an unrestricted research grant to the University of Calgary by Stryker

We invite you to participate in this survey because you are a physician with expertise in stroke.

Survey Details
The survey will take approximately 30 – 35 minutes to complete, and will be conducted in English. You may use a computer (recommended), mobile phone, or tablet. You will need an Internet connection. The survey sections are as follows:
Demographic information;
Behavioral and Personality evaluation;
Selecting best patient for treatment;
Selecting best therapy for patient.

You will receive an honorarium of 250 US dollars for successfully completing the survey.

After survey completion, you will be asked to provide your email address in order to be contacted regarding the honorarium. We have deliberately kept this link separate so that information you provide for the honorarium will not be associated with your responses in any way.

Accessing the Survey
You will receive an email from "UNMASK Stroke Survey" containing the survey link within the next 72 hours. Please look in your junk and spam folders if it does not arrive in your inbox. If you do not receive an email, please let me know.

You will be able to use the survey link once ONLY.

If you are unable to complete the survey in one sitting, you may exit the survey at any point. You can resume the survey using your original invitation link. Please bear in mind that your survey will expire 30 days after you activate it.

We are hoping to collect responses from 120 stroke physicians and 120 neurointerventionists in US. We value your participation, and would appreciate if you could activate and complete the survey at your earliest convenience.

Please contact surveystroke@gmail.com or any of the PIs if you have any questions or concerns.

Thank you for your anticipated participation!

Best regards,
Francis and Urs

Neuroscience Centre Locator (Mechanical Thrombectomy)


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